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Planning, outsourcing, social media, advertising, PR, events

Communication Plans

Our main service is the planning and management of integrated communications for online and offline marketing.

Some customers only need help for unique projects such as a new website or a brochure that promotes their products and services: we know how to adapt to even the smallest budgets without compromising quality and effectiveness.

Other companies need a broader approach to their communication, often integrated with more or less complex marketing strategies: in this case it is necessary to draw up and implement a communication plan for which many companies do not have time, knowledge, and resources to do it internally.

Here is where Arriva Partners comes.

We sit down with you and help you plan your communication activities in a specific period of time, making sure you have clear goals and objectives to achieve the required results.

The plan will include communication activities to be implemented according to the target audience, the best way to reach it and, of course, the budget.

Once the plan has been written, you can implement the communication activities yourself or we can do it for you.

In both cases, we can accurately monitor results and produce any type of report that can help you grow over time.

Project management outsourcing 

Project management outsourcing for communication and marketing activities is an ideal solution for busy entrepreneurs. 

Our extensive experience in integrated marketing communication and our network of suppliers in the fields of graphics, photography and printing allow us to cope successfully with any type of commitment respecting deadlines.

To find out more send us a message: wherever you are, we are available to visit your office to better illustrate our services, with no obligations whatsoever.

Social Media Management

Social media marketing is one of the most valuable tools for engaging your customers and building a community around your company.

At Arriva Partners we can manage, optimize and grow every aspect of your presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and any other social media so you can concentrate on running your business.

Our social management is not of the "set up and forget" type, nor is it something that is performed on the basis of instinctive impulses or generic "hints" about what the public wants to see.

Our strategies are based on market surveys and "social sentiment" about the topics relevant to your business.

Starting from this, we develop one or more storytelling with special attention to the calendar appointments and the best moments during the week to publish and promote every single post.

A detailed reporting with observable metrics allows us to "adjust the shot" over time to respond quickly to visitors' needs by providing adequate content, information and interactions.

Advertising campaigns

Advertising campaigns remain the main way to interact with existing customers and acquire new ones.

Managing a campaign means identifying the strategies to be used to support your business goals, then plan, test and monitor the campaign by analyzing the results along the way.

The campaigns have multiple purposes, including: presenting and distributing a new product, increasing sales and profits, strengthening brand identity, improving the customer experience, reducing the impact of negative advertising, generating new customers.

Alone or with our partners, we are able to manage every type of campaign with different tools and means such as:

Google Adwords | Facebook Ads | Landing Pages | Microsites | Blog | Competitions | DEM (Direct E-Mailing) | Banner | Interactive Ads | Surveys | Press Ads | Radio/TV Commercials | Billboards | Dedicated Events | Flash Mob | Unconventional & Guerrilla Marketing.

Press Office and Public Relations

Generating advertising for your business does not have to cost a fortune.

Often it all starts with the search for an original and creative story: perhaps your company has won a prize, designed a unique product or collected large sums for charity.

All these stories have the potential to attract media attention, be it your local newspaper or national press.

Our PR partners help you determine if you have an interesting story and work with you to write a catchy version for the media. They then identify the best source of news to distribute it, follow the publication in person and update the report by measuring the success of the campaign.

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