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Home page del Sito Trust Floridi Doria Pamphilj

Floridi Doria Pamphilj Trust

Culture as an economic engine

The historic Roman family opens the doors of its inestimable heritage to the world, encouraging contemporary art through events and competitions

Sito Attestazione Prestazione Energetica Ape Spreent

Ape Spreent

Energy solutions and systems

An innovative company that clearly addresses those looking for energy efficiency solutions and redevelopment of building systems

 Movincar Group

The Italian leader of goods handling

A flawless SEO for Italy's #1 company which offers an infinite range of vehicles to move goods and people anywhere, from airports to golf courses

Santa Francesca Foundation

When Non-Profit means quality

To welcome and reassure those looking for a structure suitable for the elderly, we adopted advanced accessibility and aesthetics criteria.


Logo Impicciche Lavorazione Tubi

Tube Processing

Impicciché since 1953

A contemporary logo with a strong sense of identity that expresses the concept of corporate versatility in the tube bending and processing sector.

Noblesse Oblige

Floridi Doria Pamphilj Trust

A millennial coat of arms renewed after 100 years. Documentary research, heraldic study and contemporary creativity for a unique emblem.

Art Competition

Memorie# Prize since 2016

A strong and current sign with the stamp of tradition. Much appreciated by artists, critics and the public, it is today one of the reference brands for Italian art.

Logo Associazione Ufficio di Vetro

Social Promotion

Ufficio di Vetro Association

A moving, connective symbol for an association that considers innovation a key feature of its incessant social and cultural activities.

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