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Forward, together.

Open Innovation is a system that allows to improve the functioning or the product of an organization through the involvement of individuals or groups of stakeholders.
Through new technologies such as the PLUS platform of Coppa + Landini it is easier to give access to stakeholders and engage them to collect ideas and projects, evaluate and select them.
Through an expansion of the basis of comparison and a shared validation procedure, this collaborative process allows to reduce the margins of error both in the release of new products or services, and in the adoption of new methods and strategies.
Thanks to an open system that guarantees more ideas and more checks, Open Innovation revitalizes the organization, expands consensus and increases the ability to expand the market at a much lower cost than before.


From data-driven to design-driven

Ideas are not enough to make innovation, it takes a method. Coppa + Landini has created PLUS, a platform based on collaborative design thinking as an organic solution to the demand for knowledge and renewal for any organization.


Innovating is profitable

Open Innovation offers significant advantages:
- Reduction of research and development costs
- Increase search and targeting accuracy
- Sensitive improvement in productivity
- Total synergy between inner and outer innovation.


Future for all

Today, sustainable and responsible innovation directly affects industries, professional studies, social and financial organizations. Arriva Partners allows you to advance safely, avoiding waste of time and changes of course,

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